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Mon Dec 18 05:54:49 PST 2000


In the UK, we have 2 Linux magazines, that you can guy from newsagents.
There is  "Linux Format", which is up to about issue 9 and I am
subscribed too, then a few months ago, a new one popped up called
"Linux Magazine" (unfortunatly, I didn't find out about it until the
2nd issue :(( )

Anyway, A few months ago, Balu mentioned writing an article about LFS
for a German magazine. Then, about a month or so ago, he mentioned that
it was getting translated for their english sister magazine.....Linux

Anyway, i'd forgotton about that and thought nothing of it, until
today..I was in the queue, waiting to pay for my latest Linux Magazine
(Jan 2001, issue 4) which is just out today. While I am stood there, I
open it and glance at the contents page, and read this:

54  Linux from scratch.
If you're fed up with your current installation but aren't brave enough
to take on a new distibution then this guide should help, based on
Gerard Beekmans' guide.

People around me must have though I was buying a really doddgy magazine
when I suddenly started grinning from ear to ear and shuffling through
this magazine looking for page 54.

"Linux from Scratch"
   "Al Gusto"
       "Thomas Walter"

"Are you fed up with the quirks of your chosen Linux distribution?" Are
you worried that migrating to another will just make things worse? If
you answer "yes" to both of these questions then "Linux from Scratch"
may be what you are looking for."

It even has the Linux From Scatch logo on too (the one by Nemmy)

And, my claim to fame (apart from using LFS since 1.2/1.3 and being
personal friends of Gerard and Bev for quite a while now) is this bit:

"Compiling glibc alone on the likes of an m68k platform with 8MB RAM
takes no less than 68 hours, for example"

^^^ That's me, that's my box  :-))

Shame it didn't say my name  *G*

Bye for Now,


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