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Mon Dec 18 10:35:18 PST 2000

On Monday 18 December 2000 10:13, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just wondering... What is bin86 for? (I know it includes an
> assembler and linker etc. so don't bother giving this answer.) Ld, as and
> so on are included in binutils. What do we need an extra ld86 and as86
> for? Are there any packages that actually require bin86?
> Christian

bin86 is simply the assembler specific to the x86 architectures.

man as:
       GNU as is really a family of assemblers.  If you  use  (or
       have  used)  the  GNU  assembler  on one architecture, you
       should find a fairly similar environment when you  use  it
       on  another architecture.  Each version has much in common
       with the  others,  including  object  file  formats,  most
       assembler  directives (often called pseudo-ops) and assem<AD>
       bler syntax.

man as86:
       as86 is an assembler for the 8086..80386 processors,  it's
       syntax  is  closer to the intel/microsoft form rather than
       the more normal generic form of the unix system assembler.

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