Sh-utils problem with mv

Clark Ashton Smith CAS at
Mon Dec 18 21:04:16 PST 2000

Sergey Ostrovsky wrote:
> > > HOWEVER, when the second mv is executed, su is not in the current path to
> This is very specific to this package. If installation is not carried out by
> the root,
> su doesn't get installed. See the script.
> Sergey Ostrovsky.

Thank you for this explanation. I'm playing with the LFSMake scripts
provided by Rod Roark <rod at>
He recommends NOT installing as root when using his make file. So, his 
make script has cp $(DIR_APP)/src/su $(LFS)/bin 
to move the su program.  I was wondering why when and then I read your 

I highly recommend playing with Roark's make files.  I've learned a
great deal of make syntax and minutia that I don't think I would ever
have known otherwise.  In the spirit of LFS I don't just recommend
running is Roark's make file but hack it to bits as I've done and 
roll your own.  You'll learn a lot more that way.

Lost Worlds

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