Fileutils, dircolors.c: compilation problems.

Ainsley Pereira marble at
Tue Dec 19 12:46:56 PST 2000

In message <000701c069fb$076d8660$0100000a at andy>
          "Andy Peeters" <andy.peeters at> wrote:

> OK, no problem I switch over to RH 7, everything compiles fine until the
> Fileutils package. GCC complains about the file dircolors.c. The error
> message is (something like that): "not enough parameters for the macro
> strndup".

Eeeeek!! RH7! Hmmm, probably not a good idea to use that...
However, I think the problem you actually encountered can be fixed by loading
dircolors.c into an editor, going to the line that causes the error and
deleting it.


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