Fileutils, dircolors.c: compilation problems.

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Tue Dec 19 12:56:14 PST 2000

At 09:33 PM 12/19/00 +0100, you wrote:
>I working on my 4th LFS system and most problems I had, were easy to solve.
>Also I never had a problem with compiling the Fileutils package until now.
>To install the first 3 LFS systems, I used a Linux distrubution (Finnix)
>based on RedHat 6.1 running from CD-ROM. Everything went fine. Today I
>wanted to install LFS 2.4.3 but instead of glibc 2.1.3 I wanted to use glibc
>2.2. This forced me to switch to RedHat 7 because glibc 2.2 doesn't want to
>compile with make 3.77 which was included with Finnix.
>OK, no problem I switch over to RH 7, everything compiles fine until the
>Fileutils package. GCC complains about the file dircolors.c. The error
>message is (something like that): "not enough parameters for the macro
>Any idea's? Is there something I need to install? I guess not because I
>installed everything of RH 7 except X, KDE, Gnome, games, multimedia and all
>those others things you don't need to compile sources.

I got a reference to this message

on one of the other mailing lists I am subscribed to. It is a posting by 
Linus Torvalds regarding RH 7.0:
"Quite frankly, anybody who uses RedHat 7.0 and their broken compiler for
_anything_ is going to have trouble."
They included another (non-broken) compiler, and called it "kgcc".

I don't personally have RH7.0 but you might look at this "kgcc" and see 
what is up with that.

I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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