Florin Boariu florin at
Tue Dec 19 13:58:23 PST 2000

Yeah, that was it (I remember reading that one too some time ago). I just
wasn't sure: this means linux doesn't wait for non-volatile writing, and
data isn't lost, right?


On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Simon Perreault wrote:

> On Tuesday 19 December 2000 16:46, you wrote:
> > There were some issues with NFS when mounting r/w, IIRC. I'm not quite
> > sure, but I think NFS is required to actually wait until the data is
> > written *physically* on disk before it returns. Again, that might not be
> > true for more recent versions.
> >From the NFS-HOWTO:
> A trick to increase NFS write performance is to disable synchronous writes on 
> the server. The NFS specification states that NFS write requests shall not be 
> considered finished before the data written is on a non-volatile medium 
> (normally the disk). This restricts the write performance somewhat, 
> asynchronous writes will speed NFS writes up. The Linux nfsd has never done 
> synchronous writes since the Linux file system implementation does not lend 
> itself to this, but on non-Linux servers you can increase the performance 
> this way with this in your exports file:
> /dir    -async,access=linuxbox
> or something similar. Please refer to the exports man page on the machine in 
> question. Please note that this increases the risk of data loss.

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