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On Tuesday 19 December 2000 13:40, you wrote:
> 2) How do I build the needed driver as a module and install it without
> trashing my system?

This is the help associated with the "Set version information on all symbols 
for modules" option when compiling the kernel in X (that's the 

Usually, modules have to be recompiled whenever you switch to a new
kernel. Saying Y here makes it possible, and safe, to use the
same modules even after compiling a new kernel; this requires the
program modprobe. All the software needed for module support is in
the modutils package (check the file Documentation/Changes for
location and latest version). NOTE: if you say Y here but don't
have the program genksyms (which is also contained in the above
mentioned modutils package), then the building of your kernel will
fail. If you are going to use modules that are generated from
non-kernel sources, you would benefit from this option. Otherwise
it's not that important. So, N ought to be a safe bet.

So you should say Y here. Then building the module with "make modules && make 
modules_install" should work. Remember that the old modules aren't deleted 
from /lib/modules. But you can't upgrade the kernel version (from 2.2.17 to 
2.2.18) without recompiling all the modules.

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