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Tue Dec 19 14:17:38 PST 2000

On Tuesday 19 December 2000 16:49, you wrote:
> Uhh..ok, maybe most Unix-like systems have great NFS support and
> performance, but linux support and performance really is not there, and
> getting NFS to work right, requires twice if not three times more work
> then SMB, imho (well, untill Ian finishes his new NFS Hint =)

NFS is SO simple. The NFS-HOWTO is very clear, and very easy to follow. I've 
tried for many months to setup a link between my Win98 box and my linux box 
via SMB, to no avail. The SMB-HOWTO is very badly done, and explains nothing. 
For example, what's my user name in Win98? The HOWTO seems to suppose that 
you have multiple users on any Win98 system.

Maybe SMB is easier to set up, but the docs for NFS are much better done. 
That makes NFS easier to set up.

And SMB is geared toward Windows, not Unix. And it shows.

> SMB is great, if you just want to share files, especially if your LAN is
> a mix between different OS's, imho...

Exactly. SMB is for Windows<->Linux communication, not Linux<->Linux. I 
recommend NFS for Linux<->Linux. There's no crappy NetBIOS name lookups.

> (really, SMB, unpack, ./configure --with-smbmount && make && make
> install, make sure you have SMB file system support in the kernel and
> that's it for the client, server requirest starting two deamons and
> making a small configuration file)
That's where I got stuck. I was so close!!!

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