SIOCSIFADDR: Invalid argument

Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Tue Dec 19 20:03:15 PST 2000

On Tuesday 19 December 2000 22:45, Sergey Ostrovsky wrote:
> About "warning: pointer of type `void *' used in arithmetic"
> 1. These are warnings ( sly thing knows it should be taken as char* )
> 2. If if _really_ bothers you, it is better not to work with glibc-2.2,
> because

Oh, I thought it was the entire thing, and that it had stopped at the end!

*bangs head on wall*
*realizes wall is concrete*
*bleeds some more*
*drops on floor unconscious*

>     you will see screenfuls of this.
> 3. Aside of esthetic feelings ( BTW, I do not enjoy seeing this crap also
> ), it's harmless.
> Sergey Ostrovsky.

You're so right it hurts.

--Support your government, give Echelon / Carnivore something to parse--
classfield top-secret government restricted data information project CIA
KGB GRU DISA DoD defense systems military systems spy steal terrorist
Allah Natasha Gregori destroy destruct attack democracy will send Russia
bank system compromise international own rule the world ATSC RTEM warmod
ATMD force power enforce sensitive directorate TSP NSTD ORD DD2-N AMTAS
STRAP warrior-T presidental elections policital foreign embassy takeover

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