Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Dec 20 03:37:28 PST 2000

Misquoted from Jesse Tie Ten Quee on 2000/12/19 at 17:59 +0000:
> I don't plan on giving NFS another shot, id prefer to use a different
> Network Filesystem :)
Anyone done coda? I have compiled it, but I have not yet tried
starting it up. If there is some enthusiasm, I will put a hint
together and post it to lfs-apps.

A quick warning of what coda involves:
Recompiling your kernel with coda support
Fiddling with db if you use glibc-2.2
Packages lwp and rvw (compile easily but what do they do?)
A coda cache partition is recommended

Coda is not like Network Failure System or Server Mostly Blocked
Take a look at the destructions at:

Lazy backup system: photocopy the hard disk.
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