Craig M. Reece craigthulu at
Wed Dec 20 04:54:28 PST 2000

I prefer the way that KDE looks and operates, however, I have both 
environments installed because there are certain programs that GNOME has that 
KDE doesn't (gftp, for one) or that certain programs need to look nice 
(freeciv has a GTK interface that I prefer to its default). I probably don't 
need to load all of GNOME to get these things, but it is currently simpler to 
do so.

I haven't installed sawfish though, just the rest of the GNOME packages and 
everything seems to run okay in KDE.

On Wednesday, December 20, 2000 08:08 am, Seri Al-Najjar spoke thusly:
> There's quite a lot of discussion going on from advocates of both camps,
> GNOME now has the GNOME Foundation which is backed by Sun, HP, IBM, Compaq,
> RedHat, Mandrake, Debian, Borland, VA Linux and a few others.
> On the other side, KDE now has the KDE League which is backed by HP,
> IBM, Compaq, Caldera, Corel, Fujitsu/Siemens, Madrake, SUSE, Trolltech,
> Borland and a few others.
> As you can see both teams share pretty much the same backing, the only
> thing that may swing it on the long term survivor stakes is the
> announcement by Sun that they will be using GNOME as the default desktop
> environment in future releases of Solaris.
> Both teams are working on cross platform support, so that apps written for
> one environment will run seamless in the other.
> As Richard has already said, it's down to personal preference, but also,
> there's no reason why you can't run both...
> Seri
> On Wednesday 20 December 2000 11:46 am, you wrote:
> > Misquoted from Shlok Smári Datye on 2000/12/20 at 06:14 +0000:
> > > Where can I find good comparision of Gnome and KDE? which is better?
> > > Some say that KDE doesn't have a change because of the Gnome
> > > Foundation. And others say that the Gnome Foundation is just
> > > advertisement from various companies.
> > > Which is correct?
> >
> > There are a bunch of "advocates" for gnome and KDE each slagging off
> > the other. Just ignore them and perhaps they will go away. KDE
> > and gnome are both very good. What you use is just a matter of
> > preference. Most developers (about 70%) use gnome and most developers
> > (about 70%) use KDE. About 10% do not use a desktop environment and
> > about 15% use something else.
> >
> > Pick one at randon, try it for a while, then try the other one. see
> > what sutes you - that seems to be what at least 30% of developers
> > are doing.
> >
> > Richard

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