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Wed Dec 20 05:35:47 PST 2000

: On Wed, 20 Dec 2000 13:08:36 +0000, Seri Al-Najjar wrote:

>Both teams are working on cross platform support, 

Without ever having run KDE on another platform, it seems as if at least
KDE runs on a variety of processors and OSes. No idea about Gnome, but
theoretically, if written well, cross-platform shouldn't be an issue
there, too.

>As Richard has already said, it's down to personal preference, but also, 
>there's no reason why you can't run both...

Well, running both is cumbersome: You'll get lost in X session :->

I have come to prefer - for a variety of reasons - to simply have an X
Windows server (Reflection X) run on Windows 2000 and display all my Linux
(development) software through that.

So much for freedom of choice (I'd pick KDE 2.x as the next best solution
- perhaps when the dedicated Linux gateway/router is in place)...

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