Davin Carlson davin at
Wed Dec 20 08:55:49 PST 2000

Hello all,

I seem to be having a similar problem (SIOCSIFADR) when the eth startup
script is run. However, my problems are intermittent. That is, sometimes
it recognizes the card and sometimes not. If I boot up redhat 6.1 (the
distro I used to install LFS) it starts up eth0 fine, so I don't think
it's a hardware problem (like a bad NIC, PCI slot, etc.). My NIC is a
Netgear FA310TX which I understand uses the tulip module. I did compile
support for tulip in the kernel. I also am using the same settings in my
module.conf that my redhat distro uses; i.e., "alias eth0 tulip". It
seems to me that I started having this problem after compiling and
installing X (using the LFS hint). Could there be a conflict with my
video card? That is, how my video card (Matrox Millenium I) is set up in


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