Mounting other partitions

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at
Wed Dec 20 13:28:16 PST 2000

> The LFS book does not go into details about partitions (other than
> that you need at least one). I have my personal preferences for
> partitions, so I would like to ask: after an LFS installation, is
> there anything in /usr/local/, /home, /tmp, or /var, and if there is,
> can it be deleted without consequence so that partitions can be
> mounted there sensibly from now on?

I don't think there should be, but if there is you can just copy the stuff
to your other partition first then do all the fancy mounting.  And it's also
worth pointing out that you don't _have_ to mount the partition as
/usr/local, /home, etc.  In my case, I have all my sources under /usr/src on
hda6.  When I boot into my LFS on hda8, I mount /dev/hda6 as /mnt/hda6, and
my /usr/src is a symbolic link to /mnt/hda6/usr/src.  And then if I were to
move /home over to hda6, then /home could be a symlink to /mnt/hda6/home and
so on...

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