Simon Perreault nomis80 at videotron.ca
Wed Dec 20 21:23:35 PST 2000

On Wednesday 20 December 2000 02:21, Corey Cox wrote:
> I have mine working as a module with io=0x240 irq=5 and name used in
> scripts is eth0.  So where woud I put the above line?

You have to edit your /etc/modules.conf and add these lines:

alias eth0 <module name>
options <module name> io=0x240 irq=5

.... where <module name> is the name of the driver you use for your card. For 
example, I use the rtl8139 driver. You should know that. If you don't then 
don't expect your NIC to work.

>  Is it a lilo thing
> or does it go into one of the boot scripts?

It is not a lilo thing but it does go into one of the boot scripts. In fact, 
none of the io or irq values go into the boot scripts, just the network 
configuration options for eth0. Just do as explained in the book and 
everything will be fine.

>  And is that the exact syntax
> (after filling in values)?

That would be the syntax if you had used a driver compiled into the kernel. 
Use the syntax above for a module.

>  Also will it be any faster to run in the
> kernel?

Nope. A module is just fine. But I only use modules for two reasons:
1) If the module is not always in use, it could save memory to only load it 
when you need it.
2) If it can only be compiled as a module.
My NIC driver does not fit into any of those, so I compile it right into the 
kernel. It's just a matter of taste anyway.

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