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Thu Dec 21 01:36:50 PST 2000

: On Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:59:42 +0000, Seri Al-Najjar wrote:

>I meant ... 'common object definitions' 

Ah, I see.

>wherby an application written for GNOME can still utilise 
>clipboard/drag and drop/OLE functions from within KDE and vice versa.

Yes, it would be nice to share a least a basic set of "supported core
functionality" - the clipboard as well as "trivial" D&D come to mind.

Once we start talking embedding (and just even embedded rendering),
matters get ever so slightly more interesting. Currently the component
models are pretty different - and the gap has even widened in the past.

I tend to believe that eventually we will see three or four OS-wide (as
opposed to application internal) component models co-existing -
potentially separate models in the UI (on top of some toolkit - typically
Gnome+GTK, KDE+QT), and one or two models in the back end (e.g. CORBA). Of
course I have no clue about the future... :-)

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