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On Wed, Dec 20, 2000 at 06:14:20AM -0000, Shlok Smári Datye wrote:
> Where can I find good comparision of Gnome and KDE? which is better?
> Some say that KDE doesn't have a change because of the Gnome Foundation.
> And others say that the Gnome Foundation is just advertisement from various
> companies.
> Which is correct?

How much have we heard about the Gnome Foundataion or KDE League that we
can even comment on?  We haven't heard enough that you have to
think, right now, both parties are just advertisement, while half the
companies are in each other's boats, i would not say either is better
because a bunch of companies have created a join "relationship"...

Best suggestion would be to try both of them, by far KDE2 is _alot_
simpler to install from source code then Gnome, each has it's advantages
over the other, each does something the other doesn't.

But.. to be honest, unless the Gnome Foundation can _clean_ up the
source code installation and dependencies, imho, they will continue to
lag behind KDE2. (Mind you, most users don't see that as they use
whatever Redhat ships with and never touch the source code)

And the amount of comercial support that KDE2 is getting for IDE
Development (Kylic, etc) is quite superior then anything that has been
mentioned for Gnome, which in the long run is going to make a huge
difference.. (kxmlrpcd, also, etc)

One has to take alot of things into account, the Gnome users can no
longer say Qt/KDE2 is not open source/free software, the hole reason
the Gnome Project was started was because of Qt's licensing.

Now, i don't mean to bash Gnome here, as alot of very cool things have
come from it, but not just that, competition for KDE!  Which, imho, is
the one great thing about GNU/Linux.. Choice.

But, what do i know, just another LFS'er, voice'ing his CND$0.02 =)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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