Shadowed Passwords

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Dec 22 05:02:02 PST 2000

On December 22, 2000 02:08 am, Benjamin Pharr wrote:
> The LFS book is extremely vague on how to setup the Shadow password
> suite.  I took a look at the HOWTO in the source tree, but it was bad out
> of date.  Could anyone give me a quick outline of how to do it?  The
> program itself is installed, I just need to set it up.  Thanks!

The shadow HOWTO may be outdated but it still applies. To enable shadow 
passwords run:


done, you now have shadow'ed passwords enabled

to disable them run:


and you are back to regular passwords

the lfs-book tells you this:

The documentation mentions something about the creastion of npasswd and 
nshadow after you run pwconv. This is an error in the documentation. Those 
two files will be be created. After you run pwconv, /etc/passwd will no 
longer contain the passwords and /etc/shadow will. You don't need to rename 
the npasswd and nshadow files yourself.

Just keep that in mind when you are reading the Shadow HOWTO

Gerard Beekmans

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