Gnome/Sawfish one more question

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at
Fri Dec 22 10:34:14 PST 2000

> And other thing, my Gnome/Sawfish runs kind of slow (When I
> move windows
> around, for example, it hesitates a little). Please don't
> tell me I have a
> slow computer. If Win2k runs fine Sawfish should run fine
> too, shouldn't it?
> Any ideas?

What type/speed processor do you have?  Also, what did $CFLAGS look like
when you compiled Sawfish?  I have a K6-2 500 and compiled Sawfish with
CFLAGS set to "-O2 -mcpu=k6 -march=k6" and it's not at all slow for me
compared to Win98...

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