Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!

Jeffrey B. Ferland autocracy at
Sat Dec 23 17:45:14 PST 2000

ml wrote:
> At 16:05 23.12.2000 -0500, you wrote:
> >Today, Snowhite was turning 18. The 7 Dwarfs always where very educated and
> >polite with Snowhite. When they go out work at mornign, they promissed a
> >*huge* surprise. Snowhite was anxious. Suddlently, the door open, and the
> >Seven
> >Dwarfs enter...
> I do warn everybody. The eMail contains a virus (vbs or whatever), so the
> best thing to do is to delete the eMail above.

And it only hurts windoze users - and I KNOW none of you are windoze users...


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