ken_i_m ken_i_m at elegantinnovations.com
Sat Dec 23 19:04:32 PST 2000

Hey Hey:

I don't recall this one getting floated on the list.

some_command >& err.txt

Is this a macro or something? My RedHat starter system will redirect the 
screenfulls of output from make, for example, to a file that I can then 
glance through at my leisure. LFS ignores it.

This does several things for me, documentation being the most important. 
Since I am back to work I can no longer "hold (any amount of) state" in my 
head. Everything I do must be self-documenting as I may not be able to get 
back to it for days and have only an hour or so when I do.

I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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