nas 1.4

andrew sprott andru at
Sun Dec 24 06:06:54 PST 2000


k, i've started to try and install kde2. kdesupport went ok, but
when i tried to install kdelibs, it complains about a missin
libaudio library.

searchin the web, i find that nas-1.4 is what i want. but when
 i try xmkmf, i get the warnins

/usr/x11r6/lib/x11/config/ warning 'hasgcc' redefined
/usr/x11r6/lib/x11/config/imake.tmpl:45: warning: this is the location of
the previous definition

these are just warnins, but it ends there, and if i try 'make world'
it seems to do sommat - very fastly - and end with a error 2.

can anybody help here?


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