Run levels, ls -la, /dev/random

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Dec 26 06:12:52 PST 2000

> 2. Try just 'ls -la', I'll bet some of the output is colorized. Somewhere,
> you've got the line 'ls'='ls --color=always', change it to 'ls'='ls
> --color=auto', this is because less doesn't except color and those weird
> characters are ANSI escape codes...

pass the -r option to less. This will cause less to:

       -r or --raw-control-chars
              Causes "raw" control characters  to  be  displayed.
              The  default is to display control characters using
              the caret notation; for example, a control-A (octal
              001)  is  displayed  as "^A".  Warning: when the -r
              option is used,  less  cannot  keep  track  of  the
              actual appearance of the screen (since this depends
              on how the screen responds to each type of  control
              character).   Thus,  various  display  problems may
              result, such as long lines being split in the wrong

Gerard Beekmans

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