comile problems (was: procps compile problem)

Sergey Ostrovsky sostrovsky at
Tue Dec 26 10:11:11 PST 2000

Simon Perreault wrote:

> On Tuesday 26 December 2000 00:00, Daniel Roethlisberger wrote:
> > interface.c: In function `ife_print_long':
> > interface.c:633: `ARPHRD_CSLIP' undeclared (first use in this function)
> > interface.c:633: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> > interface.c:633: for each function it appears in.)
> > interface.c:633: `ARPHRD_CSLIP6' undeclared (first use in this function)
> >
> > Any ideas what might be causing it? I am using a 2.4 kernel,
> > might this be the reason for it?
> ARPHRD_CSLIP[6] is defined in the <linux/if_arp.h> header file, which comes
> from the kernel includes. It probably is different in the 2.4 kernel. This
> definition is only needed if you selected "yes" when the net-tools package
> asked if you needed the "SLIP (serial line) support (HAVE_HWSLIP)". If you
> don't need this option, select "no" and the problem will go away.
> You COULD force it to compile by playing the preprocessor's role and
> replacing all the ARPHRD_CSLIP by 257 and the ARPHRD_CSLIP6 by 259. A good
> recipe for disaster though. If you can steer your way through kernel
> includes, you may also try to find the corresponding definitions in kernel
> 2.4 and change net-tools' source.
> There's probably a known fix for this problem. Maybe a patch to net-tools, an
> upgraded version, or a completely other package you need to install with 2.4.
> My knowledge of linux-2.4 is limited for the moment.
> What do others think of this?
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I would disable SLIP support in net-tools and see what happens.
I do not see any usage for SLIP ( while there is PPP ) anyway.

Sergey Ostrovsky.

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