Run levels, ls -la, /dev/random

Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Tue Dec 26 12:03:09 PST 2000

On Tuesday 26 December 2000 12:35, Ron wrote:
> > cd /dev
> > mknod random c 1 8
> > mknod urandom c 1 9
> > chown root.sys random urandom
> > chmod 666 random urandom
> I just thought I would add a little extra to this thread. I was reading
> 'man 4 random' and it says to make then 644 owner root:root. It also
> states:

You're right. I just took a look at null, zero, and other such devices and 
figured that they all had the same modes, owners and groups.

>        When a Linux system starts up without much operator interaction,
>        the  entropy  pool may be in a fairly predictable
>        state.  This reduces the actual amount  of  noise  in  the
>        entropy  pool  below the estimate.  In order to counteract
>        this effect, it helps to carry  entropy  pool  information
>        across shut-downs and start-ups.  To do this, add the following
>        lines to an appropriate script which is run  during
>        the Linux system start-up sequence:
>             echo "Initializing kernel random number generator..."
>             # Initialize kernel random number generator with random seed
>             # from last shut-down (or start-up) to this start-up.  Load and
>             # then save 512 bytes, which is the size of the entropy pool.
>             if [ -f /var/random-seed ]; then
>                  cat /var/random-seed >/dev/urandom
>             fi
>             dd if=/dev/urandom of=/var/random-seed count=1
>        Also,  add  the  following  lines in an appropriate script
>        which is run during the Linux system shutdown:
>             # Carry a random seed from shut-down to start-up for the random
>             # number generator.  Save 512 bytes, which is the size of the
>             # random number generator's entropy pool.
>             echo "Saving random seed..."
>             dd if=/dev/urandom of=/var/random-seed count=1

This should be added to the future version of LFS I guess. This is part of a 
working base system. What do you think Gerard?

"Oh no! We've run out of entropy!"
Dunno why, this makes me laugh.

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