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barry at hartford.uconn.edu barry at hartford.uconn.edu
Wed Dec 27 09:28:11 PST 2000

> Hardware? Well.. ummm the ISA is 1980s hardware...
> Planned obsolessence rulled the day... IBM wanted you to buy
> a whole new system (ground up) after 5 years...
> ISA lives becouse of poor planning on IBMs part... [ops]

firmly agreed on the whole message..

however, it's an irony that IBM created ISA to (obviously) be obsolete
shortly, yet it's life has gone on for an extended period of time...

wonders will never see... very rarely does the cream of the crop rise to
the top in the computer industry... except, of course, for Linux.  Of
course, this rule doesn't apply to linux.  Very few of them do...

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