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Wed Dec 27 12:39:11 PST 2000

On December 27, 2000 08:56 am, Ghovs wrote:
> > I reinstalled LFS and proftpd. Another problem has come.
> > When I try to upload something to my FTP server I get error message
> > "Access failed: 503 No PORT command issued first."
> > Can anyone help?
> This is because you try to upload in passive mode.
> The shell ftp command in some serups requires '-A' be specified to force
> active mode.
> Most every ftp client can be set to active or passive mode.
> Passive mode is mainly useful when you're talking to an FTP server through
> a firewall, at least to me.

That's the theory. Now the 'real' reason:

there is a bug in proftpd-rc2 which causes this problem (the ftp client does 
send a PORT which isn't received by proftpd properly, or a PORT isn't needed 
to be sent, but proftpd wants it anyways).

The solution: check out the latest CVS snapshot and use it. It fixes this 
bug. Or you can try to downgrade to the rc1 or older version. For more 
information on ProFTPD's CVS access see their web site at

Gerard Beekmans

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