Rudolf Floers r.floers at
Wed Dec 27 17:01:52 PST 2000

> so i have to find an option to define the default gateway of my ipppd (same
> as pppd, just for isdn). does anybody know, where to find it?

i'm using (must use) ipppd, too.


when not connected, your routing table should not contain a default route - except you want to use dialmode auto (aka dail-on-demand). 

start ipppd like this in order to have it adding a default route after successful connections:

	ipppd defaultroute 

the default route will be deleted when ipppd disconnects.


if you want to use ipppd with auto dialing you need to have a default route to ippp0:

	route add default ippp0

that's because only with such a default route stuff will be directed to the ippp0 interface and the ipppd will notice and trigger the dialing. without such a default route ipppd won't notice that a connection is needed.

as mentioned above, when ipppd disconnects it deletes the default route and you need to set it up again.
to automate you can put the route command into /etc/ppp/ip-down script, which is executed everytime ipppd hangs up.

hth, and if not, isdn4linux is well documented (most in german).

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