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On Wed, 27 Dec 2000 19:32:03 -0700
ken_i_m <ken_i_m at> wrote:

> All my life I met my lady friends in bars except this current one. I met 
> her on-line. We have been together a year now and going strong.

Well, now that you talk about it... I met my first girlfriend (which is my
current) online, too. Well, at least in a way which is comparable to "being
online". Does anyone here now "Packet Radio"? It is a way of transfering data
using radio communications. "Packet Radio" itself existed quite a long time,
but... hmm, I think it was 5 years ago when "Packet Radio" was allowed to be
done on Citizen Band Radio. So I was able to do it, and I liked it a lot.
Before that I spend much time in normal BBSs, I had my own, and I was very
active within the "Fido" (does anyone of you know the Fidonet?), so it was
just another thing that I had to play with. Packet Radio on CB was very slow
(about 300 baud, as in the stone ages of computer communications :) ), so it
was mainly used for chatting. Chatting on Packet Radio is similar to chatting
in the Internet, and by chatting on PR I met my current girl-friend... 

Strange, there seem to be lots of people that find their boy-/girl-friend

Bye, Mike

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