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Thu Dec 28 03:22:12 PST 2000

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> > Gerard,
> >
> > This has totally destroyed the mental image I had of you. It's like
> > meeting a DJ that you have listened to on the radio for years. Anyway,
> > I'm glad things are going well. I too am a transplanted Dutchman (44
> > years ago) and have also danced around with the INS here in the US. I
> > lost my citizenship papers during a move. It took a full year and a
> > steady stream of misinformation from them for me to get new papers. I
> > was saved by one individual who went well out of his way to help me. I
> > hope I never have to deal with that again. Thank you for your efforts.
> > I'm grateful for the learning situation that you have created.
> I'm sorry I didn't turn out the way you expected me to be ;) What did you
> expect (I'm just curious) me to be like? Older? Not married?
> And I have a great many stories too on the "steady stream of false
> information from immigration bureaus". It's just a big mess. Once I thought I
> finally received my work visa. Upon closer look it turned out the visa wasn't
> meant for me, they put it in the wrong envelope.


There is no need to apologize for being "different". I did expect you to
be older probably because exhibit much more maturity than I did at that
age. I also expected you to be single because, judging by the sheer
volume of your output, you must spend every waking hour on LFS. I
expected you to be mid thirties, a Linux professional in some capacity,
and I really thought you were single. My wife would definitely complain
if I was as dedicated to LFS as you seem to be. None of these statements
are judgements, only statements of fact. You really are doing a great
job and I hope enough people keep telling you that on a regular basis. 

We have to remember that Immigration is a government entity and those
entities, as a rule, are not customer oriented. I heard someone describe
our postal system as customer service clueless. I think that description
fits just about any government entity. Well, somehow we both made it
through the system and I think that is what we should dwell on. Congrats
again and thanks for holding the hand of an old fart as he tries to
learn LFS.

As far as meeting someone online, I think you somehow were
extraordinarily blessed. Most people are not themselves online and they
pick up a certain amount of bravado in the safety of anonymity. I would
have thought that your chances of meeting someone, that someone being
exactly the way they represented themselves, and then actually
developing a deeper relationship has to be far greater than winning any
lottery. I understand Superball is something like 7,000,000 to one. 


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