ext2fs slow?

Torsten Westermann westermann at linux-provider.net
Thu Dec 28 06:46:32 PST 2000

On Thursday 28 December 2000 15:29, you wrote:
> I got a new hard disk for Christmas and moved my LFS system to a 13GB
> partition on the new hard disk. My problem is now that while mounting this
> partition in read-only mode is fast, mounting it read-write takes many
> seconds, at least when done the first time. This slows down booting a lot.
> Is this an ext2fs problem? Mounting the vfat partition of the same size on
> the same disk is fast.

I had the same problem. Since the DMA-Mode is 'on' for my HDD, mounting the 
partitions very fast (faster than in the first time without DMA). Now i think 
that is normal for a 13GB partition in your LFS system.

> I've seen ReiserFS mentioned around here several times. Is that one
> mounted faster (I'm not concerned about faster fschks. I know that
> ReiserFS is faster in that respect) ?

On my productive Servers runs Reiserfs very good. Reiserfs mounted the big 
partitions very fast (2 times faster than ext2). Im using reiserfs for the 
FTP, HTTP and eMail - Server (partitions).

Torsten Westermann
westermann at linux-provider.net
Mainz / Germany

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