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Barry barry at
Thu Dec 28 09:38:14 PST 2000

Michael Renzmann wrote:
> Hi Gerard.
> On Wed, 27 Dec 2000 15:41:30 -0500
> Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote:
> > I'm sorry I didn't turn out the way you expected me to be ;) What did you
> > expect (I'm just curious) me to be like? Older? Not married?
> I'm not Hugo, but somehow the story also changed the "image in my mind" that
> has come up during reading this mailing list. I somewhere read that you moved
> to Canada, and somewhere read that you are married. Maybe thats the reason I
> thought that you were older or at least of equal age than I am (25) :)
> Thanks to the author of this article, it is a great way to show that there is
> a life behind the names one can see every day in mailing lists around in the
> internet. Even if you heared it quite some times and will hear it many more
> times: I would like to send some big "thanks" to you, Gerard. For the effort
> you did, for the work you had and for the things you will do in the future
> (well, but be sure that I won't thank you if you come up with the idea to
> burry LFS in the future :))). Keep this good work going, and I'm sure that
> most of the people here think in the same way: also tell Bev a huge "thank
> you" from us.

you know, I think about this type of thing a lot...

what makes our community different... Our leaders, our celebrities...
they're us...

they're not untouchable Bill Gates types or anything of the sort. 
They're our friends, neighbours.  We build with them, live next to them,
and fight next to them in the message bases around the internet.  Only
in our community can you send a message to and get a response
from Linus, Alan Cox, or HPA... Only in our community can one end up in
an argument on ZDNet's news forum and end up arguing alongside Jeremy
Allison.  Only in our community can one end up in a licensing debate
with RMS (often not fun, believe me :) - but always inciteful)... 

try sending mail to Steve Ballmer or Scott McNealy and see what you get
back...probably static...

you know what scares the rest of the industry about us? - It's not that
we've got some of the best technology in the world.  That's debatable. 
It's not that the information is free.  It was never really oppressed. 
It's not that we give our product away.  There's always been charity. 
It's that we exist in an egalitarian fashion.  That's not simply
dangerous to large corporations, it's a threat to every power structure
in the world.  It's at the heart of what we are - both consciously and

ok, heh, insane lunatic mode off :)

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