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Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Thu Dec 28 10:50:21 PST 2000

On Wednesday 27 December 2000 19:40, you wrote:
> > > wow... pretty cool :)
> > >
> > > it even got linked on today... it's all over the place...
> > >
> > > now, is the mailing list a good place to suggest reasons for IBM to
> > > support LFS?
> >
> > I think Bryan is already finished with this, but I am not sure.
> > Nevertheless post all you can post here. It will be archived anyways so
> > when we need something similar again later we'll have it available
> > handy.
> ahh great...
> here's what I can come up with offhand:
> 1) LFS is a great starting point for developing home-brew style
> distributions.  By contributing to LFS IBM opens the door to vendors
> easily building their own implimentations of Linux (with 24/7 phone
> support by IBM, of course :) )...
> I will post more later... users need assistance...

thx for the idea.

Yea if anyone has more such ideas you can do two things...

join the pr lists, and or send me your ideas @ 

bryan at or here to the list....

I am still putting things together, trying to get some advocacy 
type documentation together for not just IBM but anyone......
Some of it is real nice stuff, like LFS IBM clusters, mmmmmm
clusters.... :)


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