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Barry barry at
Thu Dec 28 13:12:14 PST 2000

Michael Renzmann wrote:
> Hi Barry.
> > Ahh, Fidonet...yes, I remember Fidonet... good old package based message
> > forums :)...hehe...
> Yes. Have been quite active in that, but within the last months I
> switched over to the Internet more and more...

wow, Fidonet's still up, eh?

the problem here in CT is that the BBS scene has pretty much died down
to almost nothing...

the few BBSes that do exist are local one liners that don't carry the
net's veyry regularly and often don't have the user base to support
regular's very sad and actually turned me away from
computing for a little while...

> > Packet Radio I have never tried, but have always been interested, can
> > you suggest some online resources???
> Hmm, not really. Maybe you will find something within the kernel4s
> documentation directory that describes the ax.25 protocol. I did not use
> Packet Radio since about 3 years now.

well, thanks for the recommendation :)... I'm sure I'll be able to find
something... I seemed to remember something about packet radio
communications in Linux from the kernel config... I shall look there...
thanks :)

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