Printing under LFS

Barry barry at
Thu Dec 28 13:23:58 PST 2000

Roger deBry wrote:
> I have not been able to get printing to work on my LFS system. The Parport
> driver seems to get loaded okay, but it does not discover the printer. As a
> result, there is no printer defined to the system. Any hints on how to set
> up
> Parport so that it discovers the printer? I have read through the Print
> - it discusses the /etc/modules/conf configuration file, but no such file
> exists on my LFS system. The parport web site isn't much help either.

the actual file that modutils looks for is /etc/modules.conf not

I'm not sure if that was just a typo or whatnot, but that's the real

what you want to add to this file is the following:

add the line 

alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc

to /etc/modules.conf

read /usr/src/linux/Documentation/parport.txt for more info...

you may need to add more than that if you have more than one parallel
port or if other miscellaneous problems show's explained fairly
well in the docs... it might also behoove you to have CONFIG_PNP_PARPORT
set to yes in your kernel config file... in xconfig, this option is
under plug-n-play when building the kernel...

this may help with your printing problems...

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