Can't get past Bzip2

Barry barry at
Thu Dec 28 13:41:32 PST 2000

WarmFuzzy wrote:

> Barry,
> That is one big pile of help! Thank you. I will try to work through it
> and let you know what happens. My wife is going to miss me.
> Hugo

hehe, not a problem :)

You didn't get into this because you wanted the quick way through Linux,
I hope :)...heh

but, this is how one truly learns...if I could tell you how much
learning I've done even since I started really seriously using Linux
about 2 years ago, would make the previous 4 years (including
Linux experience, 6 years) of learning on MS based systems look like a
year at dunce school...if that makes any sense :)...

To say the least, the most accelerated learning has occured in my time
with LFS...

But, do what I do... Set up the big compilations to run, then go see the
ones you love :)...

works for me... heh

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