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Barry barry at
Thu Dec 28 14:56:11 PST 2000

Jon Eisenstein wrote:

> I think you're on to something here. In fact, I remember reading somewhere
> that Bill Gates does (or at least used to) try to review code and
> correspond with his developers regularly (with many rants from his
> end). Here, what is our developer community? Well, the same as the user
> community...

that explains why windows has so many problems :)

> >
> > try sending mail to Steve Ballmer or Scott McNealy and see what you get
> > back...probably static...
> "Hi, I'm too busy working on BSD... er, Mac OS X right now too talk to
> unimportant folks. Please leave a message and I'm sure someone clueless
> will look at it."

hehe, nevermind porting it to ix86...

I've heard two things..that they're gonna close the source of parts of
it, in particular the GUI frontend... and other sources say the whole
thing will be open... not sure of the truth...but I won't get into what
I feel this means about the BSD license...

> > you know what scares the rest of the industry about us? - It's not that
> > we've got some of the best technology in the world.  That's debatable.
> > It's not that the information is free.  It was never really oppressed.
> > It's not that we give our product away.  There's always been charity.
> > It's that we exist in an egalitarian fashion.  That's not simply
> > dangerous to large corporations, it's a threat to every power structure
> > in the world.  It's at the heart of what we are - both consciously and
> > subconciously...
> You're right... hmm... there must be some way I can take advantage of this
> egalitarian society for my own benefit... Oh, wait, is this thing still
> on? <click>


now where was that gallows pole?

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