chroot error

Barry barry at
Fri Dec 29 13:37:05 PST 2000

Tim Smith wrote:
> No bash...
> I didn't even notice the compile of bash failed.
> After looking through the archives (aren't you proud of me) I noticed much
> discussion over lncurses and termcrap things. I loaded my own Ncurses,
> unlinked /src/Bash-2.04 directory, reunzipped bash, re./configured with
> --enable-static-link removed and... and... YES! it works. I hope the static
> thing is not essential.
> Tim

uhh, if your compiling bash in your normal distro and a build of bash
works in the chroot'ed environment after the --enable-static-link is
removed from ./configure, then you're either really lucky or your
standard distro is using a not too modified version of glibc-2.1.3 ...

either way, that linkage is essential...

if you were having problems with ncurses, there were two things you
could do...

cd /usr/lib && ln -s libncurses.a libcurses.a


replace --with-curses     with    --with-ncurses

and it will go through...

if your distro was using a different version of glibc, you could have
had problems...

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