Rereading of .bash_profile

chris lapthorn chrislapthorn at
Fri Dec 29 16:16:09 PST 2000

WarmFuzzy wrote:
> chris lapthorn wrote:
> > I had a similar problem recently in getting bash to re-read the
> > .bash_profile file. I re-booted a couple of times, which I suppose was a
> > bit extreme! Your solution seems a lot more elegant.
> >
> > However, I'm puzzled  - I thought that it should be -03 with a zero not
> > a capital letter o. Did you get them the wrong way round in your message
> > or have I misunderstood?
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Chris
> No Chris,
> .bash_profile now has -O3 with an "oh" and the programs are compiling
> without complaint (I am compiling Ncurses as we "speak"). So, yeah, I'm
> confused too. I was wondering if others were confused by the "is it a
> zero or an oh" thing. Maybe Jessie or Gerard can set us straight.
> Hugo

Hi Hugo

I expect that whichever one of us got it the wrong way round the system
took the default, whatever that was. Certainly my output clearly showed


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