Rereading of .bash_profile

Barry barry at
Fri Dec 29 17:06:35 PST 2000

WarmFuzzy wrote:
> chris lapthorn wrote:
> >
> > I expect that whichever one of us got it the wrong way round the system
> > took the default, whatever that was. Certainly my output clearly showed
> > -03.
> >
> > Chris
> Chris,
> I'm sure you're right about using the default. When I was getting the
> complaint about the unrecognized option things compiled ok anyway. I'm
> about to install gcc again so maybe I can read some documentation and
> get some good info on this. I'm using a 120Mhz Cyrix so things are not
> progressing at a breakneck speed.
> Hugo

It should have defaulted to the packages initial optimization, usually
-O2 ...

here's the key, it's -O ('oh') because the O stands for

the number afterwards is the level of optimization...see 'man gcc' for
more info...

bash rereads .bash_profile on restarting the shell, but the contents of
..bash_profile are simply a shell script...

you can actually type them on the command line and they will take

if you type:

CFLAGS='-O3 -march=i686'

just like it is in the .bash_profile on the command line, the same thing
will happen...

I believe you can also get the .bash_profile to reread by typing 'sh

hope that helped :)

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