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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Fri Dec 29 23:02:57 PST 2000


I would have checked this againgst the latest pre version Gerard is
working on, but each time i do, his box is here goes nothing

  * New package updates:

    binutils 2.10 -> 2.10.1
    linux 2.2.17 -> 2.2.18
    glibc-crypt 2.1.3 -> 2.1 (there never was a 2.1.3)
    ncurses 5.1 -> 5.2
    file 3.32 -> 3.33
    bin86 0.15.1 -> 0.15.4
    modutils 2.3.17 -> 2.3.23
    util-linux 2.10o -> 2.10r
    man-pages 1.31 -> 1.34

  * For util-linux and man-pages the URL in the book,
    does not work, i had to use,
    (PS, as i always have trouble reaching i noticed the
    files are mirrored on, there was only one packaged that
    was out of synx, man was a copy of releases old, but after a quick
    reply to the admin it was sync'ed again..just wanted to let everyone
    know, i find it easier to use ;)

  * ld-so, how come there's no homepage/site/url off * link?
    it doesn't have a homepage? it's not critical, as Gerard has said,
    once LFS uses Glibc 2.2 (which *cough* i hope we can all wait untill
    Gcc 3.0 is officially released) will not use it, perhaps a link off or something..

  * consoole-tools, console-data and sysklog,
    are make the book more "cleaniness" is the new URL.

  * shadow password suite, i
    can't seem to reach, check [fm] and the main download site is (and if you check the
    README.mirros it shows this and the URL that LFS is using now and one
    other site that are the three primary locations to download from)
    (PS, again not critical, just wanted to mention it for reference)

  * The Gzip patch is not mentioned in AppindexC.

  * Could the <TITLE> on be changed
    to like 'Search Linux From Scratch' instead of 'Linux From Scratch'
    it just messes up my bookmarks.. *adds his small plug request =)*

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