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Andy Goth andy at
Fri Dec 29 23:20:53 PST 2000

On Saturday, December 30, 2000 01:13, Simon Perreault wrote:
> I tried to do a simple sed script for too long now, it's 2h AM and
> I'm tired. I need a sed script to convert the .txt hints to .html
> hints (in content, not in filename). Here is basically what I need:
> expression to be matched:
> TITLE:\t\t
> (where \t is a tab)
> replacement expression:
> <html>\n<head>\n\t<title>
> (where \n is a newline and \t is a tab)
> If someone can post a simple sed script to do that, I'll be eternally
> grateful.

sed 's/TITLE:\t\t/<html>\n<head>\n\t<title>/' file

To enter the \t's in bash, type Ctrl+V then press tab.  This disables bash's tendency to interpret tab as a request for command completion.  The \n's... hmm.  Lemme check if sed supports that directly.

Nope, not GNU sed.  I know little about sed, but I do know there's a way.  Hehehe.  sed's a toolbelt sized to fit Professor Klump.

That is all.

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