Rereading of .bash_profile

Chris F.A. Johnson chris at
Sat Dec 30 08:58:18 PST 2000

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> btw, like others have mentioned, it's 'source or '.' then give the shell
> script or configuration file (.bashrc .bash_login .bash_profile
> .bash_logout, etc) and yeah, 'source' and '.' are the same.
> Executing sh or bash like someone metioned will actually spawn another
> shell (so your running bash inside bash) which isn't re-reading the
> configuration file.

Also, note that .bash_profile is read only on login (or when explicitly
called) and .bashrc is called by a non-login instance of the shell.

In other words, .bash_profile should contain commands only needing to be
run once.

My .bash profile contains:

	# ~/.bash_profile: executed by bash(1) for login shells.
	set WPLANG us; export WPLANG
	if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
	  source ~/.bashrc

	umask 002

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