Reiserfs in LFS

Tio Hiap Ho deux at
Mon Jan 3 16:35:44 PST 2000

> And on what do you base that ext2 is de-facto standard. And when will you
> decide it's not the standard anymore. We have to at least mention it. We do
> this with editors, we should start doing this with a lot more, like shells,
> gawk being an alternative to mawk and so. The book isn't about restricting
> options like most distributions do. We have a good chance here to teach
> about other good options other than whatever most people use (most people
> use ext2, but that doesn't mean it's the best option out there when there
> are pretty good journaling systems that increase performance so very much).
> Whether it be in an 'file systems hint' (ala the editor hints) or some
> other way, we should mention it somewhere.
> Come to think about it, we should remove reiser comments from chapter 2
> (when creating file systems) as well. If we don't include reiserfs tools in
> the book, then we shouldn't even mention it out loud like that and just
> completely default to ext2. Else we create inconsistencies like this.

Well said Gerard :) and I'm agree with you in this :)

^_^ DeuX ^_^ Forever Newbie and Still Learning

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