LFS with package management (rpm, dpkg?)

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Thu Jun 1 05:41:53 PDT 2000

>I'd like to install either rpm or dpkg on my LFS system so that everything
>would be installed from packages, meaning that to stay true to the
>principle of LFS I'd have to build the packages myself and then install
>them, either on top of the old LFS or preferably make a new ext2 partition
>and install them there.
>Ergo the questions follow:
>Is this possible (without impossible loads of work), and if it is, how
>should I do it? I've never built an rpm (and never even used dpkg) so I
>have no conception of how easy or hard this is going to be.
>Which one should I use, rpm or dpkg (pros/cons)? Are there other good (or
>even better) choices?
>Are there other questions I should've asked? ;-)

RPM builds under LFS- I hade to comment out the rpmconvert from the 
makefile (I *think* that's what I commented out) which really isn't a 

Building an RPM isn't too difficult, see http://www.rpm.org/
They have good documentation.

Once you've built a few and know what to watch out for it gets easier.

The only hard thing about RPM is you must get the spec files correct. 
Otherwise you will build an RPM that doesn't properly work.

EVERY file a package installs MUST be in the files area of the RPM spec file.

I'm actually going to be doing the same thing with my current LFS.

When I'm done and all seems well, I'll put my spec files online for 
anyone who wants them. It'll be a little while, though... and I don't 
guarantee perfect spec files, either.

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