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Mark Stone strider at
Thu Jun 1 16:59:58 PDT 2000

I'm making progress on my LFS system. I've got it to boot and successfully
bring up a network interface, I finally got the kinks worked out of my
openssh configuration, so it now starts up sshd at bootup. 

That, by the way, is what I consider a minimally self-sufficient system:
-LFS is installed and bootable
-network comes up on boot
-you can ssh in and out
-ftp is installed and working
At that point the system should be able to boostrap itself to wherever
else it needs to go.

Now the problem: when I issue the "shutdown" command, or use ctrl-alt-del,
instead of shutting down the system goes into maintenance mode with a
message like "enter root password for maintenance or ctrl-D for normal
startup". Or something like that anyway (don't have the system in front of
me at the moment).

The only way I've found to shut down is with "reboot -f" which means that
it will run fsck next time I start up.

I seem to recall this issue coming up on the mailing lists a few weeks
ago, but I cannot find anything in the archives. And I have gone through
numerous man pages and how-tos trying to find somewhere where the Linux
shutdown procedure is documented, to no avail.

Help me out here, guys. What should I be doing? Or what should I be
reading to figure out what I should be doing?


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