where should kernel config go exactly?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Thu Jun 1 20:06:16 PDT 2000

>Hi guys,
>Kernel in chapter 5 rewritten, it contains:
>root:linux# yes "" | make config
>root:linux# make dep
>root:linux# cd /usr/include
>root:linux# ln -s ../src/linux/include/linux linux
>root:linux# ln -s ../src/linux/include/asm asm
>Most likely I will build a quick LFS system (just up to chapter 5 and
>that's it) but perhaps one of you can tell me: what is needed for 'make
>dep'. Findutils I've heard about, anything else? Is there anything
>needed for make config?

I know ncurses is needed if you want to do make menuconfig.

When I ran into the perl problem, I did  quick kernel config (using 
make menuconfig) and a make dep- just before perl.

Everything worked. I didn't try building it, I plan on more carefully 
making my config choices later (I just wanted Perl to compile...)

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