New install using devfs from the start

Jan Hagen jan.hagen at
Fri Jun 2 09:25:50 PDT 2000

>Right now, its using devfs.  Looking in the howto, you mention it, but
>there are no instructions on how to do it all from scratch using
>devfs.  I'm _assuming_ it won't be that hard, except instead of copying
>the /dev dir over, I'll just make sure the devfsd is installed and
>working.  Has anyone else tried this though ?  

I'm just building a LFS and I also was curious about devfs. So I compiled
it using the linux-2.4.0-test kernel and changing some config files (fstab,
lilo.conf) (e-g /dev/hda8 -> /dev/discs/disc0/part8). 
But I noticed problems in compiling some packages, I thing e2fs-tools and
util-linux, that didn't work with new kernel yet. I simply installed the 2.2.15 version
as well and linked it to /$LFS/usr/src/linux and made a 'make dep' and everything 
went fine.

By the way, I also installed reiserfs, using the patch and the linux-2.4.0-test kernel.
Therfore I'm using a boot partition that still is ext2 (it's very comfortable if you're 
using several linux instalation parallel).


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