Two questions.

Antonio Zugaldia azugaldia at
Fri Jun 2 12:21:54 PDT 2000

"Michael A. Peters" escribió:
> >Hello everybody!
> >
> >       This is my first message to the list so: Hello, I am Antonio Zugaldía
> >and I want to build a Linux system from scratch ;-)
> Welcome!
> >I hope my two little
> >questions are not usually formulated questions (I have been looking the
> >archive and I have not been nothing specific). Let see:
> >
> >(1) I have seen that LFS uses another Linux system to build the LFS, it
> >is not possible to make a self-sufficiency Linux? (avoid static compile,
> >avoid bugs: for example, if we have a poor installation of gcc, we will
> >have a poor LFS) I have heard about cross-compiling... :-?
> That's why you build a current gcc (or other) if your current system
> don't have it, and why you chroot into the LFS system after just a
> few packages are built, building everything with gcc 2.95.2 (and
> rebuilding the few you built statically to get a working chroot
> environment)

Ok. I understand, so, the only thing can fail (as everything is
recompiled after the static compilation) is gcc. so if gcc is compiled
good then LFS will be compiled good.

> >(2) Have you thinked about using scripts as in, I
> >think that both are very similar projects. One tell how to learn it
> >(LFS) and the second one simply make it.

> Rocklinux killed a friend of mine's puter. I don't remember
> specifically, but it had to do soething with lilo and nbr.
> He had to reinstall slackware- and then (after reinstalling
> slackware) reinstall lilo.
> But you are right- LFS is for those who want to learn ;)

But maybe, both projects can be joined (in a far future ;). so we make a
battery of scripts that works (as RockLinux), and then, in an automatic
way, the info can be extracted form the scripts and inserted in the
book... :-?


Antonio :)

/*   Antonio Zugaldia Rodriguez <mailto:azugaldia at>
   Microsoft te da las ventanas, GNU/Linux te da la casa completa */

Ah! I hope it is an acceptable translation.

Microsoft give you the windows, GNU/Linux give you the whole house.

Anybody knows ? ;-)

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