Reboot Problem

Ian Chilton ian at
Fri Jun 2 14:01:32 PDT 2000


I built my LFS a few months ago, using the 2.0pre* HOWTO' has been
running my server for months, and all has been well, until I upgraded the
server. I upgraded the motherboard, CPU and memory.

Now, 'shutdown -h now' works fine, but 'shutdown -r now' runs all of the
shutdown scripts as normal, gets to the part where it normally reboots, and
I get:
System Reboot in Progress, Restarting System..
..and it stops  :(

I then have to power down and on again.....which is really annoying if you
are miles away and are connected through the internet and need to reboot the
machine for some reason...

Anyone have any ideas? I say, it was working until I upgraded, nothing on LFS has changed, and
everything else seems to work fine, so it's a bit wierd....



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